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Penthera: View from the Top

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Change has been constant in streaming media, but Netflix’s ad tier clearly signals a significant shift in competitive dynamics. As legacy cable TV audiences and ad dollars move to streaming, ad monetization and viewer engagement are top priorities for OTT publishers. Penthera serves leading OTT brands around the world and these customer priorities have provided us the opportunity to continue our legacy of building products and solutions that solve customers’ needs for both today and tomorrow.

Building products that solve known customer needs is the core of what we do. As someone recently commented at IBC, Penthera has always built products that solve known problems rather than building products and then searching for problems they might solve. We take tremendous pride in this approach. We’ve always provided our customers, OTT publishers, whether they be AVODs or SVODs, with solutions their customers need for their best viewing experiences based on the technology and platforms of the time.

Our early days focused on building products and solutions that allowed for the ideal mobile-viewing experience. This approach helped lay the foundation of our mission, and will always be part of who we are and what we do. As I’ve said before, however, Penthera prides itself on building and delivering solutions that address and reflect current and future challenges facing the streaming industry. In 2022, as ad-supported Connected TV emerged as the leading force in our industry, this meant delivering products that OTT publishers can use to significantly improve their monetization opportunities.

Penthera’s highwater mark this year was launching 2nd Look, our cloud-based product that allows AVOD publishers using Server Side Ad Insertion to defer ad decisions until immediately right before the ads serve. With 2nd Look, we are bringing a key benefit of Client Side Ad Insertion to SSAI. More flexible ad-decision timing allows AVOD publishers to overcome SSAI limitations that can cause valuable ad inventory to be under-monetized. By solving this known customer need, we’re enabling AVODs to drive higher fill rates, render rates, and CPMs.

The enthusiastic feedback about 2nd Look has only been matched by feedback about PlayAssure. Launched right before 2nd Look, PlayAssure improves video quality and rebuffering by building a more extensive real-time buffer of video on streaming devices during playback. For consumers, this means getting closer to the broadcast experience with streaming. For publishers, it means reduced churn and increased ad revenue since customers will watch more of the improved stream.

Neither product launch would’ve been possible without the efforts of our innovative and collaborative team members who apply a customer-first mindset in everything they do. Now with over 20 product-related patents, we’re continuing our legacy of using ground-breaking technology to consistently meet the needs of streaming publishers and their consumers. With so much change continuing to happen within our industry, I’m confident that Penthera, based on our foundational mission and ever-evolving legacy, will continue to innovate and empower our customers to navigate the challenges and opportunities they’ll face in the near- and long-term future.



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