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State of Streaming Spring 2022 Report Launches

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Streaming Media announces the launch of its fifth consecutive State of Streaming survey report. The new Spring 2022 edition expands on a number of trends discussed during the research keynote at our recent Streaming Media East 2022.

That discussion, led by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, representing Streaming Media magazine, as well as Tim Siglin, founding executive director of Help Me Stream Research Foundation, curating insights that respondents highlighted in this most recent survey.

They were joined two representatives, Nino Doijashvili and George Bokuchava, from survey sponsor Tulix, who also added insights into key trends in the streaming industry, from the softening of upper-end subscriptions and annual revenues to the rise of overall per-user data rates.

In addition, a portion of the discussion centered on free, ad-supported television (FAST), and today’s State of Streaming Spring 2022 report both compares the upward trajectory of FAST as well as highlighting a key cost-of-delivery trend from a prior Tulix-sponsored survey on over-the-top (OTT) Trends.

One of the FAST trends that the survey delves into in more detail is the planning stages of various respondents when it comes to rolling out FAST solutions.

While it’s possible that responses from representatives of a few of the larger companies in the streaming might appear to potentially skew findings around FAST deployments, the analysis provided by Tim Siglin and Michelle Fore-Siglin from Help Me Stream indicates that adoption rates for FAST are actually higher for those respondents with lower annual revenues.


The same is true for the softening of overall revenues, and much has been written about the decline in subscribers for major OTT services, but as Fore-Siglin points out, there are still unanswered questions as to why we’re seeing the continued drop across the board.

We conjecture that, while one part of this softening is due to prices overall rising,” said Fore-Siglin, “another area of consideration is the swing back to people going back to work, whether full-time in office or hybrid work structures, and therefore having less time at home to binge watch than they did even a year ago.”

In the area of resolutions and data rates, Siglin points out that respondents continue to report a growth in 1080p delivery.

Resolutions have shifted upward since the first State of Streaming survey in late 2019,” said Siglin, “when 720p was the dominant resolution. In this current survey, we see 1080P 24/25/30 is now dominant, but 1080P 60 continues to rise as well.”

Yet, 4K delivery seems to be leveling off.

For all the talk of 4K, we consistently are seeing no more than 10% of respondents saying that they are actually serving 4K,” said Siglin.

The survey can be downloaded here.

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