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The Case for Collaborative Cloud Editing

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Daniel Webster: The reality is, is that we are both centralizing and also dispersing workflows at the same time. And the ability for everybody to collaborate on workflows is extremely important.

When it comes to editing, it's also about adoption. It's about changing those conventional ways of doing things. One of our clients, Bloomberg, took us on because they wanted the journalists to be able to edit practically as easily as they could write a story. So they have 2,700 journalists and it's basically the future is about, how do you generate more and better content? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what vertical you're talking about.

As we all know, video is a very powerful medium, and providing the ability to have collaborative access to tools in a cloud environment via our web browser for anybody to have access to and to make it simple for them is the future. Obviously, I feel very passionate about it. It's an overused term, wut we really do have some democratization of the production tools going on, and it's possible for pretty much any company--any individual, for that matter--to start doing things and creating content in a much more compelling and powerful way.

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