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How Lo-Fi Content Keeps Influencers and Audiences Connected

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Mark Alamares: We work with a lot of influencers, whether, you know, streamers on YouTube or TikTokers and so forth, and they have their built-in audiences. The productions that we are involved in do encompass the higher end productions, but also, because of the audience base specifically for online influencers, they sometimes go towards a direction of more of a lo-fi experience because they want to retain the authenticity and their connection with the audience. If they make it look over-produced,, they lose the attention of their fan base or their followers.

So there's a contrast between the two different markets. With big-name acts and traditional celebrities and musicians and artists, they want the, the overall high-end virtual experiences, but at the same time, on other online platforms, those influencers are requesting something that's a little bit more down to earth so that they still retain the fan base. YouTubers like MrBeast, who has,50 million followers or Bella Poarch on TikTok, she has 50 million followers as well, and they don't necessarily have sophisticated production tools at hand. They have access to them, but they keep it pretty simple. So I see those two divergent markets in general specifically for streaming.

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