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MGM Partners with Eluvio Content Fabric for Next-Gen Delivery

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Eluviotoday announced a multi-year agreement with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) to extend use of the Eluvio Content Fabric to power MGM.com and MGM ROAR, their enhanced B2B platform which provides MGM licensing partners the ability to experience new content, screenings, and marketing materials for the studio’s vast library of films, TV shows, and digital assets. The effort improves MGM's operations and client experience and significantly expands upon initial work that Eluvio previously announced with MGM.

"Our goal is to make it easy for business clients and prospects to watch and access our vast library from any location in the world," said Evan Scheffel, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Distribution Strategy and Operations at MGM. "We've been incredibly impressed with Eluvio's ability to help us launch and create new client-facing experiences with exceptional speed and quality, with tailored permissions and content rights enforcement to support pre-releases, screenings and more."   

"MGM is at the vanguard of technological innovation and entertainment quality, and we're honored to help play a central role in executing their vision," said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio. "This pandemic year precipitated the need to accelerate ways to directly monetize full libraries, reduce costs, streamline distribution workflows, and re-position for future innovation. The Eluvio Content Fabric was designed to do just that."

"We are in the midst of a digital transformation at MGM, aimed at creating more efficient, inherently secure, and comprehensive ways to serve our clients, partners, and consumer audiences," said Doug Rousso, Executive Vice President & Chief Information and Technology Officer at MGM. "Eluvio is key to this effort, with breakthroughs in dynamic media composition, blockchain security, and high-performance streaming that have helped reshape our distribution architecture and set a new bar for technological innovation. With Michelle and her team at our side, we’re able to launch compelling new monetization opportunities that couple groundbreaking technology development with compelling business innovation."

The Eluvio Content Fabric is a global platform service that enables just-in-time, low-latency content distribution, monetization, and asset servicing directly to consumers. Content is delivered directly from source as on-demand streams, live streams, and dynamic sequences–without the use of cloud transcoding services, content delivery networks (CDNs), aggregation services, or creating file copies. An embedded blockchain ledger, contract-backed content, and dynamic composition enable personalization, rights control, monetization, and re-use of media and metadata across properties and devices. 

For MGM, the Eluvio Content Fabric is being used to support a variety of key initiatives, for its virtual premiere and pre-release B2B sales platform including:

  • ROAR Screeners: Allows MGM clients to watch and discover MGM’s entire catalog on one platform. Screeners is available on both desktop and apps. It is powered by the Eluvio Content Fabric, providing a secure and personalized screening platform
  • ROAR Pre-Release: MGM launched first-of-its-kind, ticketed pre-release screenings of new shows and films on the Eluvio Content Fabric on both Desktop and the Apple TV App. Individual film and TV pilots are screened at 4K to browser, mobile and Apple TV, with individualized watermarking, encryption, and DRM, just-in-time from source in the Content Fabric. Eluvio’s APIs allow MGM to easily create customized sites, configure campaign availability policies, and issue secure blockchain-backed tickets. 
  • ROAR Marketing: MGM provides a B2B self-service marketing portal for licensees to access more than 1.5 million assets (including still images, logos, videos and more) searchable and served in real-time by the Eluvio Content Fabric. It also enables MGM to host virtual marketing conferences providing sales teams new ways to promote and share content with clients.
  • MGM Licensing: In 2021, MGM ROAR will introduce an all new B2B licensing platform that will help marketers discover content across MGM’s catalog. It will offer content discovery tools allowing marketers to search the entire MGM library at the frame level, creating clips and stills in real-time using Eluvio’s in-platform Avails Manager - which allows MGM fine grain control over client access to material based on contracts and other business rules. MGM will also leverage Eluvio’s in-platform Video Understanding via Machine Learning (ML) that automatically tags incoming content with identified celebrities, logos, landmarks and places, OCR, activities, and provides shot and transition detection, and provides speech to text and deep search of these ML tags and metadata that can create and recommend customized clips for advertisers and other MGM clients. 

[Editor's note: This is a lightly edited press release.]

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