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Learn How to Become an Online Video Marketing Superhero

You might not wear a cape and tights, but video cloud services company Brightcove says you can still be a superhero. Brightcove has just released a fun and useful download called The Hero's Guide to Video Marketing. This is part one of an ongoing series that will explain all the points that a video marketing hero needs to know. This part looks into the hero's utility belt, showing what a marketing hero should have on hand at all times.

VideoMarketingHeroThe utility belt essentials are:

  • Your brand's voice: Brightcove explains how to make it consistent for all marketing efforts.

  • A slingshot: This symbolizes distribution. Brand videos can be distributed through email, social networks, and blogs.

  • A magnifying glass: This symbolizes discovery. Customers need to find your brand's videos, so marketing pros need to master SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). They also need to know how to create landing pages and microsites, which are important for turning viewers into customers.

  • A paintbrush: This represents the need to create portals once a brand has created a library of videos. Use portals to organize and display those videos.

  • A clock: The most advanced tool in the belt, this represents automation. Collect viewer data and plug it into a marketing system to chart viewer engagement and demonstrate ROI. Don't let that data go to waste.

  • A calculator: Measure, measure, measure! Keep track of both macro analytics (total views, engagement scores) and micro analytics (engagement rates over time).

The full guide offers a detailed view of every item in the utility belt, and is a fun read. Download it for free (registration required) and become the marketing hero your company needs.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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