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5 Tips for Doing Social Video Marketing the Right Way: Brightcove

brightcovesocialAfter the first-ever Live Fronts in New York City on October 25, event co-organizer and advisory firm Brave Media Ventures distributed to attendees a white paper called "Social Video: Succeeding in a Distributed World" that it created with Brightcove. That paper is packed with tips for understanding the new world of social video platforms, including these five tips. Here's how to do social video right:

  • Choose Native Video Players

Platforms prioritize videos that are uploaded through their native video player above videos using third-party players. Facebook, for example, autoplays native videos and gives them more prominence in the newsfeed. Twitter's native videos get 2.8 times the retweets of videos using third-party players.

  • Succeed Without Sound

Think visual. Facebook's native video autoplays without sound, so put something in your video's opening seconds that keeps viewers from scrolling away. Using text over the image is a great way to communicate a message.

  • Be Helpful

Viewers can't get enough of videos that offer quick takes on helpful advice. A study by Google and Ipsos found that 91 percent of smartphone owners look for help or guidance in the middle of a project. Research the questions your customers ask and then create videos to answer them.

  • Be Emotional

Viewers want to be surprised, intrigued, and entertained. Create videos that connect with them on an emotional level. Humorous videos are more likely to get watched, while funny or surprising videos are shared more often.

  • Keep Up on Best Practices

To stay relevant to your audience, constantly research social network best practices. For example, Twitter says that putting people in the first few frames of a video increases retention, and sending three to five promoted tweets per week is a good way to increase reach.

"The digital video landscape has evolved tremendously over the last five years," the white paper says. "Publishers, brands, marketers, and individual content creators must continue to evolve their strategies, processes, and priorities in the coming months and years to continue to create authentic engagement."

For more advice on social marketing with video, download the full report for free (no registration required).

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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