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Discover the Site That Takes the Hassle Out of Captioning Video

Sure, adding closed captions to online videos is a good idea, but who has the time or budget for it? With captions, companies can make their videos accessible to the hearing impaired, and captions give search engines useful text for indexing. That means more viewers will discover those videos. But still, creating captions is a chore, right?

YouTubeCaptionsAt the recent Kaltura Connect conference in New York City, Tole Khesin, vice president of marketing for 3Play Media, took time to explain his company's new quick and affordable caption service, Captions for YouTube. Customers pay $2.50 per minute of captioning, and all work is done by hand, not by machine. YouTube already offers free machine-generated captions, and the results are poor. So far, there really is no substitute for human-created captions.

With Captions for YouTube, companies simply sign in to their YouTube account and indicate which videos they want captioned. The captions are put in place when done, so there's nothing more for the buyer to do. If you're in a hurry, the service can deliver captions in under eight hours. It guarantees close to 100 percent accuracy, and says that accents are no problem.

If you're been curious about driving traffic with captions, give Captions for YouTube a try. It's easy to try and there are no minimums. See the video below for more.


Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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