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The Top Ten Stories from OnlineVideo.net's First Year

OnlineVideo.net is one year old!

Actually, we turned one a few weeks ago, but we were so busy participating in the Streaming Media East conference and organizing the Video in Practice contest that we forgot to notice. But we're noticing it now and we're marking the occasion by listing the top ten features from this site's first year.

It's been an amazing twelve months. We've seen traffic rocket up from our humble first weeks thanks to a fantastic community of readers. We love your comments on articles, so please keep posting them.

This year, we led the way in HTML5 video coverage by creating the Ultimate HTML5 Video Guide, participated in the Online Video Platform Summit, ran our first-ever contest (the VIP content is now in its final phase), and spoke to a lot of talented people who were building the future of online video.

Along the way, we've published a lot of features covering strategy, production, video formats and codecs, gear, distribution, and more. Here are the ten stories you liked the best. And here's to our second year!

1. HTML5: What You Need to Know
Contributor Jan Ozer delivered a clear and comprehensive introduction that brought a lot of people up to speed on HTML5 and its new video tag.

2. Cover Live Events as Needed with Ustream
A prominent link on the Ustream site made this brief news story our second best performing article.

3. H.264 Encoding Tools: Five Popular Encoders Compared
This video from Jan Ozer pointed out the pluses and minuses to five commercial encoders for H.264 video. Look for his video on free encoders, which will come out soon.

4. HTML5 Vs. Flash
Sometimes you need to use Flash, but sometimes HTML5 video is a better fit. This guide lets you know the difference.

5. HTML5 Video FAQs: Your Questions Answered
This short answer guide, written with Jeff Whatcott of Brightcove, answered common HTML5 questions clearly and simply.

6. Android Video Basics
Google Android smartphones took off this year. This article showed content owners how to stream video to them.

7. Five Online Video Don'ts
People love the negative. This fun article gave five big pitfalls to avoid when creating online video.

8. Mobile Video Calling: Five of the Best Phones
This year saw video calling finally reaching a mass audience. This article suggested five phones that were up to the task.

9. Myths and Misconceptions About HTML5
We spoke to Zohar Babin and Michael Dale of HTML5video.org, and they were eager to clear up misinformation regarding HTML5.

10. Apple Final Cut Pro X Announced, Aims at a New Market
In April, Apple announced sweeping changes for its popular Final Cut Pro video editor. Our readers wanted to know what they could expect.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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