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Viewbix Launches Video Analytics Platform: Viewbix Insights

Viewbix, a leading video engagement company, has launched a new analytics platform called Viewbix Insights which allows marketers to go beyond the status quo metrics of completed video views and click-through-rates (CTRs) to more specific metrics that map directly to campaign objectives by tracking user engagement in video. Viewbix has found that marketers who refine campaigns based on these metrics were able to increase campaign performance by as much as 650% on platforms like Facebook.

Viewbix Insights is a real-time analytics dashboard that marketers use in tandem with the Viewbix Player. The platform charts feedback in real-time, allowing marketers who Viewbix their videos to react and optimize video advertising campaign performance. Clients can access Viewbix Insights through the Viewbix studio or port the data to their current reporting systems.

"One of the main complaints we hear from brands is that the video view is simply not a compelling metric," said Jonathan Stefansky, CEO and co-founder of Viewbix. "Instead, they want to know when their viewers are dropping off, how to get people to respond to their calls-to-action and how the videos are performing on specific channels, desktop and mobile devices. The video view doesn't provide any insight into these areas." 

Developed in response to industry demand, Viewbix Insights provides information on when viewers stop watching videos, interactions with calls-to-action in the video and metrics based on specific channels on which the video is playing like Facebook or mobile networks.

Metrics charted by the platform include: 

  • Time in video users take action

  • Engagement by: geography, device type, distribution network

  • % of video view, brand interaction time

"Video is an increasingly crucial component to the success of an organization across communication and marketing, learning and training, knowledge sharing and more," said Zohar Babin, managing director; VPaaS, ecosystem and community at Kaltura Inc. "In order to leverage that content in an impactful way, organizations need an in-depth view into how their videos are being engaged with. Viewbix Insights allows organizations to pair in-depth interactive experience analytics with meaningful insights to help optimize their video content and measure its success across business applications or marketing campaigns."

Viewbix Insights is the latest product offering from Viewbix's VSense Product Suite, which also includes the Viewbix Player.

About Viewbix

Viewbix is a leading video engagement platform used by marketers to add rich branding and interactive elements, like call-to-action buttons, to digital videos. Viewbix-enhanced videos are proven to drive engagement and measurable ROI. Viewbix works with leading brands, agencies and networks around the world. Viewbix also offers analytics and performance reporting solutions, giving clients access to real-time insights on Viewbix-enhanced videos.  Viewbix ads can be distributed anywhere, on any device, including social networks. On average, brands have seen more than 25% uplift in engagement for their campaigns with Viewbix-enabled videos. Investors include Canaan Partners and Longfellow Venture Partners, OurCrowd and 2M Companies. The fast-growing, venture-backed company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit www.Viewbix.com.

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