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Cleeng introduces the most advanced subscriber retention dashboard at IBC Show

The focus on Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) instead of the classic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach that gains more interest in the subscription economy lately. It is mostly because the subscription video landscape is open and competitive, thus churn rates are seen as a significant obstacle for growth and are being monitored more closely. Therefore, a healthy flow of recurring revenue from pay subscribers helps OTT services plan investments and expand.

Nowadays, OTT broadcasters struggle with breaking down the data silos, and the new Cleeng SRM™ dashboard provides unified subscriber analytics enabling data-driven decisions to retain subscribers.

In the center of the dashboard lies the subscriber retention journey. With this approach, the journey begins at the moment when a visitor converts to a subscriber and goes through the stages of payment, engagement, and win-back. By carefully tracking all the valuable metrics throughout the journey, broadcasters can do root-cause analysis, make critical improvements to their subscription models, predict results, and refine retention strategies.

Cleeng's state-of-the-art data lake is built on the AWS Data Platform. It also leverages AWS Deep Learning Models to add powerful predictive capabilities. When the data runs through the SRM™ application, it is being analyzed and appointed the right weighing factor concerning their causal relation towards retention. Therefore, by providing the broadcasters the right insights, they understand better where to focus next.

Gilles Domartini, CEO and founder of Cleeng, adds: "Subscriber Retention Management™ is at the heart of our strategy. The subscription economy in its bloom as global SVOD subscriptions race towards 1 billion. The analysis of prescriptive data from the full journey gives broadcasters a complete picture of how a subscriber engages with their service. It's staggering that only by reducing your monthly churn by 2%, you will increase your monthly recurring revenue by 24% in just one year. AI and big data tools prove to be very successful to tackle churn."

Cleeng is showcasing the SRM™ dashboard at the upcoming IBC Show. Visit the stand 14 - H21, every day at 10:30 and 15:00 to see how it works.

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