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Sorenson 360 V2 Takes Aim at Brightcove

One year after launching Sorenson 360 at Streaming Media East 2009, Sorenson is back with version 2 for Streaming Media East 2010. This time, it's aiming to become the top online video platform, taking on Brightcove and the rest of the field.

Sorenson is delivering big changes for version 2, such as moving away from Adobe Flex in favor of Ajax and jQuery, to create a faster, more responsive content management system.

Enterprise customers will find that 360 is more customizable now, with the ability to create sub-accounts for any number of users. It also offers intelligent embed codes handled server-side, a big plus for businesses that don't want to bother supplying multiple embed codes for an expanding number of devices.

360 now delivers RTMP streaming with an unlimited data rate. Users will be able to create playlists using intuitive tools, and customize the look with unlimited video player styles. Viewers have the ability to choose their own data rate and use social media sharing tools.

These improvements come on top of the existing features that made 360 so popular its first year. The platform offers a review and approval system that makes it a smooth fit for enterprise. It also integrates with a variety of video production tools—including Final Cut, iMovie, and Avid—and delivers automated search engine optimization.

Optional new features include Drupal and WordPress plug-ins, the SquishNet "YouTube-in-a-Box" application, a Flash player SDK, and IAB-compliant ad-serving.

In competing with the field of online video platforms (OVPs), Sorenson's goal is to deliver more value. Customers don't need to look several tiers in to find the features they need, Sorenson says, and will find a robust set of features up front.

"With this new enterprise edition of Sorenson 360, we have our sights set on becoming the leading contender in the OVP market," said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. "Sorenson 360 v2 offers the highest quality video among OVPs; our new features are those that the enterprise need; our interface is faster, more flexible and easier to use for many video assets; and our pricing is considerably more transparent and cost-effective. We feel we are playing some of the strongest cards in the OVP deck."

Sorenson 360's pricing is a pay-as-you-go model based on usage.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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