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HubSpot Imports Brightcove Video Analytics Thanks to Partnership

Video marketers need reliable video metrics, and a partnership between Brightcove and HubSpot puts those numbers to work.

Thanks to a just-announced integration between the two companies, customers can import video analytics from video cloud services company Brightcove into the HubSpot platform. HubSpot provides support for inbound marketing, sales, and customer-relationship management (CRM).

The partnership came about because video is increasingly important to marketers, notes HubSpot chief strategy officer Brad Coffey.

Citing recent Cisco data, Brightcove notes that video will make up 82 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2020. Analyzing video viewing data helps marketers target, prioritize, and track prospective customers.

The video data involved in this partnership lets marketers associate viewing information with contacts, leading to better lead scoring. Marketers can also use this to capture leads. HubSpot notes that one customer tracked how much of a video prospective customers viewed, then sent a follow-up email to those who watched 75 percent of it. The operation resulted in improved conversion rates.

"Video viewership data is unique to every other type of content marketing data in one incredibly important way—it is consumed over time and therefore lets marketers know exactly how much of their message a viewer was exposed to," notes Nathan Veer, a senior product specialist with Brightcove. "This lends itself naturally to marketing automation.

"With this integration, HubSpot marketers now have detailed viewership data automatically attached to contacts, allowing them to be granular and targeted in their marketing. For example, if data shows that the contact watched 20 percent of a video and was exposed to only one of three key points in that video, marketers can follow up with point number two, picking up the conversation where they left off in a natural and personal way."

Marketers looking for more information can watch the video on this integration page.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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