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Kaltura Releases Video Building Block for Blackboard System

The Blackboard Learn platform became a little richer today, thanks to the addition of a video-management Blackboard Building Block created by Kaltura. The first open source online video platform, Kaltura has now joined the Blackboard Alliance Program as a signature partner. Its Building Block lets teachers and students use rich media within the Blackboard Learn program.

Kaltura's Building Block adds a layer of rich-media functionality that works at multiple points across the Blackboard Learn platform. It includes the full capabilities of Kaltura's online video platform, so teachers and students can use images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and audio just as they would any other documents.

In addition, they can upload, edit, record video from webcams, and interact with rich media all within the Blackboard environment. Each teacher and student will get their own media library within the platform. From there they can add video to a course, submit a video assignment, view lecture videos, see a playlist of campus events, or access videos from the library.

"There is a surge in demand for online video tools and services amongst higher education institutions. Kaltura's open source platform is ideally suited for this market's needs since it provides the necessary openness, flexibility, freedom, control and affordable price points that ensure a high return on investment," says Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's chairman and CEO.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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