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New Lightcast Media Cloud Lets You Manage All Your Apps in One Place

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Automate upload, management and publishing of all media to all platforms through programmable workflow presets. The Media Cloud is an award-winning Media Management System, allowing media producers and publishers to manage all live-stream and on-demand media intuitively, from anywhere in the world on any desktop or tablet.


Manage all your web, mobile, and TV apps in one place, create new stunning, native apps for web, mobile and OTT/ConnectedTV platforms, and launch them in the leading app stores.


Use the App Builder to create and extend new web, mobile, and TV apps on Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV, SmartTVs, iOS,
Android Mobile.


Manage and deploy all types of media and metadata for all publishing platforms, apps and players in one place: metadata and images for all media galleries, players, apps and backgrounds, closed-caption files, language-subtitles, and other sidecar files.

Save valuable time and resources by automating your media team’s workflow by using the Media Cloud’s programmable workflow presets.

Set up on-demand channels, sub-channels, series, create live events, ingest linear channels, generate cloud-populated 24/7 channels, create and update navigation structures for all web, mobile, and TV apps dynamically in real-time.

In addition, activate a custom-branded cross-browser web player for your websites, and connect your accounts on the leading social networks and video platforms to your Media Cloud for instant publishing automation of live-streams and on-demand video distribution.

Increase monetization and revenue opportunities through instant setup of subscription products, advertising integration, serving of your own ads and ad-sponsors, and PPV live-streaming events.


Who loves using it:

Our customers in every market love using the Media Cloud, including our customers from broadcast media, education, government, enterprise, sports and not-for-profit. The possibilities are endless and all types of enterprises and organizations can utilize the Media Cloud effectively.


Use-Case Examples:

How City & County Governments, High-Schools, Colleges & Universities are using the Media Cloud:

  • Streaming of live-events including sports events, festivals,
    graduations, conventions, elections
  • Streaming of court sessions, elections, conferences and
    meetings to public, or to authorized groups only
  • Storing, transcoding and publishing of historic and current
    audio and video archives
  • Promotion of volunteer engagement and political participation
  • Real-time communication with residents, students, public
  • Emergency alerts and safety training
  • Providing an outlet for schools and volunteer media producers
  • Branding & Marketing to new, future students or residents
  • Promotion of local businesses and job growth
  • Multi-screen/multi-device e-learning systems on TVs,
    desktop & mobile devices
  • Providing streaming TV Apps as exciting outlets to media
    curriculums, students and volunteer producers


Key Platform Features of the Mediacloud:

  • OTT App Development
  • Live Streaming
  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Audio & Video Hosting
  • Intuitive Media Management System
  • Workflow-Automation Presets
  • Real-Time TV App & Mobile App Creation
  • Metadata Management
  • Real-Time Publishing to all Platforms
  • Instant Publishing to Social Media
  • Customizable Web Players
  • Multi-Platform Subscriber Processing System
  • Pre/Mid/Post-Roll Ad-Serving
  • Developer Tools & APIs
  • DRM & Security
  • Geo Targeting & Restrictions
  • 24/7 Scheduler & Linear Stream Generator
  • Cloud Scheduler & Playout System
  • Central Viewership Analytics
  • Bitrate-Adaptive Delivery
  • LIVE-to-VOD CDN-side Event Recording
  • Global, High-Performance Multi-CDN Delivery
  • Premium VOD Transcoding into 12 Formats & Bitrates

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