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The Value of Deep Integration in OTT Navigation

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: Clearly, with all of the new services on the market all of the new platforms like you said, "Disney+ launching just last week."

Sandeep Gupta: Yeah.

Eric: You know, customers are faced with a golden age of content, but at the same time they're probably feeling a little overwhelmed you know? Even those of us I think in the industry sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by all the content and all of the services that are out there, so imagine how people aren't in the industry feel about it?

Sandeep: Absolutely.

Eric: And it's, of course, only going to get worse. There's more streaming apps--

Sandeep: They're gonna get better.

Eric: Well, how is it going to get better? And what is Amazon in particular doing to make it better?

Sandeep: So, the key thing that we do is, customers are challenged in trying to find their content and manage their content, the only way you can make it work in a way that they can understand is if you integrate with partners to make sure that the same way they speak, the same things they do for one that works across applications. The things that we do with partners are what set us apart.

So, for example, we have over a hundred catalogs integrated in our system. We have over fifty voice partners using our VSP voice APIs partnering into our ecosystem so, you know, you got the top part of that Netflix, and Hulu, and HBO, and what that allows is for customers to be able to do whatever they want across our device, whether it's searching for content, discovering new content, or controlling things like playback control or navigation if you don't have that across the device across your different content partners.

Then, people are going to get confused and lost I think that's what makes it interesting and then the nice thing about that because we have that deep integration people can say things like "Show me comedies" or "Find dramas," and that provides them access to content from different sources and they don't actually have to have to worry about where it's coming from. That's managed for them.

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