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Consumers Would Prefer Streaming Service Bundles: Survey

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Households are already feeling overburdened by the streaming video era. According to research by media software and services provider Amdocs, simply managing passwords is a huge hassle for many. After surveying 1,000 U.S. consumers in August, Amdocs found that remembering passwords was the biggest pain point. The solution endorsed by the highest number of respondents—39%—was a consolidated platform that combines all billing, offerings, and search into a single offering.

News 2More subscription services are coming out in the near future, but they might be a tough sell. Amdocs finds that 59% of respondents are happy with the services they already have and only 22% are open to adding a new service. They're not even open to free, ad-supported services—at least, not in the U.S. Amdocs says that viewers in other countries don't mind commercials if they're tailored to the viewers' interests, but in the U.S. people prefer streaming services that have few ads or none at all.

In related news, research consultancy Magid says people are willing to pay more their subscription services than they were last year. Households are now willing to pay $42 per month for streaming services, up from $36 last year. Magid agrees that people are having trouble managing their services, and reports that 47% would like to aggregate their paid plans into one interface.

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