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How OTT Sports Streaming Will Change

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Moe Hamdhaidari: The rights model will change. What will it change to? Well, that's anyone's guess really. But, I think what will happen is that rights holders will retain some rights for themselves to be able to go B2C to their fans. But still sell other rights to broadcasters and to platforms that I talked about. And this kind of divergence will only help increase the value of live sports rights. One of the, anecdotally, I used to work at a soccer club, and, anecdotally, the CEO said, "We have an acclaim following 500 million fans around the world." If I just manage to sell one pound to every single one of those, that would pay for itself.

I said "anecdotally," but you kind of get the idea that these numbers, because of that visceral nature of sports. So I think that's kind of, that's the first phase. That's what will happen with the bigger names. I think there is a second phase that will come. And I think this is the tier two leagues and the smaller clubs who become interested in this. They'll see the value that it can bring. They'll see the additional streams that it can bring into them.

And I think this is what will give rise to O&OB2C, which is owned-and-operated-direct-to-consumers. So, this interesting but what does it mean? What does it mean for the end user? Because ultimately that's what I'm interested in. What does it mean for me as a fan? And I think, thinking about this, I kind of put it into two words. So proliferation, which I always get wrong but I got it right that time, yes. And divergence. So, how many more of these five, six, seven dollars a month things am I gonna be to afford? I'm already seeing that I'll have to kill Netflix because I'll probably need Disney+ for my daughter. So that's a trade-off there.

But, will I then have a subscription to Brighton & Hove Albion, which is my soccer team back home, as well as one for Eleven Sports Network because I want to watch Champions League, et cetera. So, I think it's that this proliferation is a good thing, and I think it's a really bad thing. And I think whoever can crack it will do the sports fan a favor.

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