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What Is Intel SVT-HEVC?

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Jan Ozer: What is Intel SVT-HEVC? At NAB, Intel and Netflix made a pretty big splash when they came out with the SVT/AV1 codec, that they said could transcode live at 4K 60p. And the reason that was a big deal, was because, the fastest I'd been able to get 1080p30 encoding, and software was about 20 times slower than HEVC.

The traditional knock on AV1 encoding has been very slow transcode times. With Intel and Netflix coming out and saying live 4K 60p, that was a really big deal, and it's based upon the SVT, or Scalable Video Technology platform.

I've got a really good explanation from a guy who works with Mozilla. And what he said was, "SVT is just a really efficient way to divide up encoding chores, so it can be multi-processed on a big CPU."

So instead of using hardware, like Click Sync does, what Intel's done is they they bought a company that had a technology, that made encoding very efficient from a multi-processor perspective. So Intel could sell lots of CPUs with multiple cores, because it was very efficient to encode, not only AV1, but also VP9, HEVC, and ultimately, H.264. So Intel, appears to be moving towards a platform that doesn't rely on graphics hardware in the chip, as much as it relies on efficient utilization of multiple cores for the encode process.

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