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Video: Why Curation Is Critical in VOD and OTT

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Rob Dillon: My audience--and it comes down to knowing your audience obviously--my audience is more interested in news and weather. But they will not put up with, an automated feed at all, and they don't want to see the same thing on VOD that they see on the TV screen, which, in that case, we've done studies, and it's the two anchors babbling for 30 seconds, throwing to a reporter who repeats everything the anchors just said, tells the 15-second story, then throws back to two anchors who babble again for 30 seconds.

That doesn't work in a video on-demand platform, so we have to work on our storytelling skills. I work with broadcasters, obviously. So I've got a lot of journalists who are natural storytellers. We've just got to work with them to bring that out. Skewing older as we do, the other thing we've got to remember, is a lot of things that to us, and to the younger generation, are automatic, we know, we understand, but my audience doesn't.

So we have to make sure the interfaces are simple, discovery is there, if they've been following this story, you know news is horrible, if they've been following this story about the murdered kids, they're going to want to keep seeing those updates, so we have to curate that back to theem. And then as Greg, said curation is incredibly important, again we skew older so a lot of our popular categories are archives. I've got TV stations going back to the '50s that have basements full of archival footage, that play very well with an older generation.

I'll just throw it up there: curation is incredibly important.

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