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Video: Can Video Be Monetized on Twitter?

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Lee O'Connor: For me, a lot of it is holistics. How does Twitter interact with Facebook and YouTube? And how are you working with each of those pieces of the puzzle?

I think for YouTube's sake, you do want to have that shelf life. Whereas you want to utilize Twitter. In my opinion, the majority of creators can utilize Twitter as a promotional tool.

So I think you want to build up your audience there. You can certainly stream to Twitter, but the biggest benefit you're going to get from a revenue perspective is pushing people to watch your content from Twitter to one of the places that they're more accustomed to watching live content like YouTube, or Twitch, or Facebook even.

I mean, you could certainly go live on Twitter, and I think the shorter the better from a live perspective for revenue purposes and attention spans on Twitter. For example, we worked with Netflix on a campaign where Twitter was included in it because for Netflix, that's massive for them. But we livestreamed from Twitch with shroud--one of the bigger creators there--and what they did was promote the live stream from Twitter, which then got picked up by DrDisrespect, who's one of the other big gamers across there. So he wasn't even part of the campaign but he saw the promotion for the live streaming. He was like, "I'll be watching this," which means now his audience is watching too.

So, again, Twitter can almost become this exponential growth place for revenue. Especially if you're throwing people to a place where they're more accustomed to watching and consuming live content. So I think Twitter can be a really great opportunity from the respect.

We don't do as much snackable live content. It's going to be longer streams--especially with gaming and IRL, and event coverage and things like that. So I think Twitter is also great for shorter pieces of content where you want to get your revenue up from that.

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