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Video: The Value of Technical Diagrams for Large-Scale Live Streams

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Victor Cerejo: The biggest firm thing for me from a technical standpoint is taking what you think is the show and the workflow and putting that idea to paper. Because oftentimes, even if it's just a crew of 2 people or a crew of 20 people, having a technical diagram and hammering out the workflow, it's easy to tell someone "I'm gonna wire a couple cameras over there, I'm gonna put a monitor over there," and people can guess, "Oh, what do we need for that? What's the cable run?"

But having a technical diagram you can just hand to people kind of mitigates that micromanagement that you have to do with some people where you know "Okay, I've laid it out as clearly as possible." And like you said, when you have the shows that you have three days to prep or two days to prep, getting that diagram and working that out in your head and on paper early on sort of helps everyone down the line, and it sort of goes back to production and directing where you hammer out the run of show, you go through the schedule, you find those pain points, and you address them. And the same could be said for just putting out your workflow and your diagram on a map and just routing it and working from there.

Nick Bacon: Right on, yeah. Doing that technical diagram is kind of like just doing all the micromanagement up front and then letting everyone do their job.

Victor Cerejo: Yeah, exactly.

Nick Bacon: That's great, cool.

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