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Video: Real-Time Apps Demand a New Dynamic Delivery Platform

Learn more about real-time apps and content delivery at the next Content Delivery Summit.

Watch Neil Glazebrook's presentation, Dealing With the Growth of Un-Cachable Content, on the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript from this video:

Neil Glazebrook: I've spent last 10ish years involved in CDN and there's been some amazing advancements in improving communication from edge to origin for uncachable content, TCP optimizations, persistent connections, multiplexing, all sorts of tweaking that's happened in many of the CDNs and I think they all do an excellent job. But you kind of reach a point where you kind of hit terminal velocity. If every call that goes to the CDN edge has to go back across to an origin there's not really much you can do to circumnavigate the speed of light and the number of router or switch hops between those two.

By and large, I think CDNs have done you know, a great job there, but they've probably gone as far as they can go. And if you think about their history, they really were designed for static content delivery, there's images, whether it's cascade style sheets, or whether it's code, and that's really what they were optimized for. They've been adapted for the dynamic use cases but they can only go so far.

What's really needed now is a is a new type of platform, a platform that's designed to deliver real-time applications, very, very similar to what the CDN has done for websites. Think of the notion of an organization that has a website, you wouldn't even think about scaling up origin service today, you would hand that, the URL over to a CDN, you would  hand over the DNS, you'd create a configuration file that would determine caching rules, etc. And think about that now, from an app perspective, something is needed a platform is needed for the app developer to publish that application to a CDN-like service that will offer many of the same global reach, global scale, security, synchronization that a CDN provides for content.

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