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Adobe Licenses Adobe Media Server and RTMP SDK to Veriskope

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While the basic information broke in February, Adobe and Veriskope put out an official announcement today saying that Adobe has licensed the management of Adobe Media Server to Veriskope, an edge computing solutions company based in San Rafael, California. Veriskope will be responsible for all parts of the business, including support and new product development. The financial details were not disclosed.

The team at Veriskope is well-versed on AMS, as it includes Adobe and Macromedia alumni who have worked on it for a decade. The license includes two products, AMS and the Real-Time Media Protocol (RTMP) SDK. AMS was first developed as a real-time communications platform that supported one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many IP communication. The RTMP SDK was created by Adobe to support low-latency use cases that combined video, rich media, and data.

"As we look toward the low-latency 5G future there are many standard features of the AMS and the RTMP SDK products that are more relevant today than when they were introduced," says Craig Barberich, president of Veriskope. These include time synchronizing video, messaging and data for esports and betting; low-latency capture and contribution for live events, e-learning and user-generated content; and video and AI in IOT, manufacturing, and retail. "Last but not least we are still thinking about the future of communications. What happens after BlueJean and Zoom?"

AMS and the RTMP SDK are still used by over 2,000 customers around the world, including large media companies, corporations, universities, and governments. Many own perpetual licenses to older version of the software and are looking for help upgrading. As Adobe's business strategy is now more oriented to tools and services for creative professionals, it partnered with Veriskope so existing customers are supported in transitioning off Flash and onto the new version of AMS.

Veriskope plans to support existing customers while growing the products with new features to attract new industries. Many customers are concerned about migrating from a Flash interface to native HTML formats while maintaining their existing AMS services and video libraries. Veriskope will create a toolkit to help these customers transition. Additionally, it will create new offerings around live video on edge networks and integrated machine learning to solve problems in manufacturing, security, oil exploration, and IoT.

"The exciting part about AMS and the RTMP SDK is that it does not require Flash," Barberich explains. "RTMP was designed to be open and support different types of client software. Today, AMS supports HLS, and in the near future we hope to make announcements about new beta builds supporting other web native video formats. We will continue to support  our customers who use Flash and AIR for on-device experiences in cars, boats, industrial devices and more. AMS is not Flash. AMS and the RTMP SDK provide scalable video infrastructure that works across the web, the cloud, the edge, and more."

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