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AWS Promises 25x Faster Processing With Accelerated Transcoding

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NAB attendees are getting a first look at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accelerated Transcoding, a feature the company has added to its AWS Elemental MediaConvert service. As video file sizes get bigger, content owners need faster encoding and transcoding to make their work available in a reasonable time. AWS promises results up to 25x faster.

News 1The feature works by automatically determining the best level of resources to assign each job. Once enabled there's nothing for the customer to set, as Accelerated Transcoding scales automatically.

A part of AWS Elemental MediaConvert, the feature is now available at no additional cost to customers of the on-demand professional pricing tier. It works with AVC and HEVC codecs, and HLS, DASH, CMAF, MSS, MPEG-2 TS, MP4, and MOV containers. It also supports the quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) encoding mode.

One company that's already sampled Accelerated Transcoding is premium video service Epix, which uses it to prepare 4K UHD content for streaming. According to Jon Dakss, chief digital officer for Epix, the cloud service is flexible and lets his company deliver 4K streamed content to multiple platforms faster than before.

"It’s especially applicable for workflows that are time constrained in terms of generating outputs for distribution," adds Mike Callahan, head of media solutions marketing for AWS Elemental. "This includes workflows that process long-form content, generate 4K (UHD) outputs with the HEVC (H.265) codec, and transcodes that use multi-pass encoding mode."

AWS isn't the only company debuting high-speed transcoding options at NAB. Encoding.com has released a similar offering called Ludicrous HLS.

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