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VDMS Launches 4K Encoding, Built-In Multi-CDN Support at NAB

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Verizon Digital Media Services beat the rush by revealing its NAB announcements today. Chief among them is that the platform now supports 4K encoding. Verizon has expanded its global network capacity from 8 Tbps in 2014 to over 70 Tbps today, and it's putting that bandwidth to good use. With 4K support, content owners can provide a TV-like high-quality experience even when streaming ultra-high resolution video.

News 1The platform now has multi-CDN support built in. Relying on a single CDN when streaming high-res video around the globe just isn't good enough, says Ralf Jacob, president of VDMS. Offering multi-CDN support means traffic is rerouted for optimal performance when necessary, protecting content owners against congestion and other problems. Verizon uses the same traffic-shaping algorithms its network teams rely on to route client video anywhere on the globe.

Finally, VDMS is improving the resources devoted to its quality of service protections, which include 24/7/365 engineering support, proactive monitoring, and continuous platform testing.

“VDMS has designed its platform with simplicity in mind, enabling content owners to more easily deliver the highest quality linear, live, and on-demand video experiences to consumers,” Jacob says. “Traditional TV broadcasters have set the standard in high-quality video delivery but on the VDMS platform, uninterrupted streams with high-fidelity audio mean that any content owner or service provider can deliver the best big screen experience online, even in 4k.”

The VDMS platform will be on display at NAB booth SU3605.

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