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Video: How to Develop a Live Production Mentality

Learn more about producing large-scale live events at Streaming Media's next event.

Watch the complete video of this panel from Streaming Media West, LS204. Technical Producer Panel, in the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Brett Collins: My background in Australia was performing live with music, and this is the closest thing to being on stage that I’ve found, because it is a performance when you're live guys. I think it's developing that skillset--the never-look-back skillset--so if something happens in live, you can obsess about a mistake and it could ruin the rest of your show. But it's the discipline of being able to just keep moving forward and go, "Alright that happened, let's focus on the rest of it." I really enjoy that.

Tre James: For me, one of the things about live is that it's different than any other part of the business, especially when it comes to movies and stuff. I don't want to be around the same people for extended period of time for months and months on end. So the fact that we get to hop from crew to crew and show to show and being in different cities and no one show is ever the same, that's part of the allure of live to me. The other part of it is, especially from my peer group in particular, live is special. Everybody can go to the store and buy a camera, a GH5; everybody can go buy a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro online somewhere. But not a lot of people know live, not a lot of people understand live. They know about the business and especially getting to do it on a scale. I'm not talking about just a church live stream to Facebook. Not a lot of people really get the opportunity to put together really cool big events for brands and the ideation of them, and select trucks and select cameras and just. It's just fun. It's an adrenaline rush. It's a badge of honor to be somebody that gets to do those types of things, because while the community may seem big to us, it's really pretty small.

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