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Video: How to Build an Audience Through Consistency and Frequency

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Claudia Barbiero: It's more than just the one-time live event. That's a great way to put a flag in the ground to say I'm here, I'm providing some interesting content, but the only way to get people coming back and watching and tuning in the same way that they would have with appointment television is to do it consistently. Whether it's consistent quality, you're providing something consistent to them that's of value, and to do it frequently.

It isn't so much “more is better” but, in a lot of cases, “more is better if it's also good quality.” You can risk your brand if the actual literal video quality is poor and obviously if you're just putting out garbage content that doesn't mean anything.

You really do have to look at those two things and then find a way to sustainably do that repeatedly over time. Here’s a great example: On Facebook, it doesn't matter how many concurrent viewers you have because you will also get additional views over time on the on-demand.

But the frequency of live that you put out actually helps you come up more frequently in searches and in different results. So that is an important element. Twitch for example, which people typically think “Oh, that's just for gamers.” But to become a Twitch affiliate partner they don't look for the 30,000 live views. They look for people who consistently have 200 viewers of the live content over time, and if you show that kind of a pattern, they consider you to be a better-quality candidate to have them promote your content to make it more discoverable.

It doesn't always have to be about the big numbers right off the bat. It's “Think about your strategy and how you're delivering it. Are you on the right platform? Are you engaging and actually responding to that?” Keep doing that over time.

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