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Nielsen Adds Measurement for TV Production Social Channels

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Thanks to social networking, companies can market directly to consumers through a variety of platforms, and for TV studios that often means the shows' talent speaking to fans without any filter. While that communication is a powerful way to engage fans, calculating its impact has been difficult. That's why measurement specialist Nielsen announced it's adding Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter measurement to its Social Content Ratings (SCR). This will let TV providers measure the impact of accounts that are officially associated with their programming.

By measuring impact, TV companies and their talent can see what messages drive the most engagement and optimize future posts. Officially associated accounts can be run by a show's actors, writers, or directors. Nielsen notes that SCR is the only measure that charts the talents' contributions to a program's social impact.

"[Owned Content Performance] not only identifies the content that is garnering the most engagement on each platform, but it’s also the only measurement solution that includes the program-related content being driven by talent," explains Sean Casey, president of Nielsen Social. "This gives marketers maximum visibility into the total social performance of their programs.”

As a test case for SCR, Nielsen examined 142,000 pieces of social content created in the three weeks before the fall TV season and wrote up its findings. While 67 percent of posts came from Twitter, 70 percent of engagement was driven by Instagram. It also found that image posts were far more engaging than text posts.

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