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Video: How Can Content Owners Navigate a Fragmented Digital Distribution Landscape?

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Mark Kornfilt: One of the things that we've been thinking about a lot is in this era where you have to consider the digital channel when you do live streaming is, how do you manage the fragmentation of your audience? First of all, I think if you have a choice, there's no reason why you wouldn't distribute to both. I think if the business model enables it, I don't see a reason why.

The big difference on digital as it relates to social is the audience is fragmented. It's fragmented not only across platforms, it's also fragmented across devices. If you look at what's happening with connected TVs--I bought an LG TV recently. I turned it on and there was a completely new app store I had never seen with its own set of apps, and I was like, "These guys have broken the internet." All of these guys have broken the internet. There's no browser, there's no websites that I go to. How do I consume content here? I don't know. I have to go and get maybe the Facebook app and just try to find Katy Perry on Facebook and try to find the live content there. It makes no sense. As a user experience for a viewer, the journey makes no sense.

I think that is a complexity of digital distribution channels that unfortunately everybody has to deal with today. For the content owner, the question is, how do I have the best presence in every platform so every platform and every device and how do I enable my business model? You know? There's the other side of this, which is, it's great where it's used for marketing and it's free to view, that's great. If you want to monetize, how do you go and monetize on YouTube? How do you go and monetize in your own app? How do you combine these things? It's still a little bit of an immature landscape and I think it's going to grow up in the coming years. Right now, unfortunately, there is no other way than thinking about all these platforms sort of independently.

One of the things it enables is creating your own branded apps. If a content owner or an event organizer comes to us and says, "Look, I want to be on Facebook but I also want to have my own apps so that people don't have to go on LG, find the Facebook app, find my content and set that up," we'll enable that and we are going to continue to expand that piece of our business because this fragmentation forces that. It forces having tools at the disposal of content owners for the distribution side.

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