Video: Has the Time Come for Mass HEVC Adoption?

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Dror Gill: Last year at Streaming Media, if you would ask people about HEVC they would say, "Yeah, we're using it." Those service providers were delivering to 4K TVs. We want to do over-the-top 4K with HDR. Obviously HEVC was the right choice. For any other application, the debate on next-generation codecs was still open. But this year there have been major changes.

In April, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S7 and S8 support HVC decoding and also the high-end tablets. In June, at WWDC Apple announced support for HEVC in iOS 11, which is since been released and macOS High Sierra. Also, on the Windows platform, if you're running the Edge browser and your Intel chip inside has a Skylake or Kaby Lake with HEVC decode capabilities, you already have HEVC support on your Windows computer as well.

I believe that by the end of this year, we'll see hundreds of millions of devices that are already HEVC-capable, including the ability to decode HEVC in software. So the question now regarding HEVC is not if or when. Now the question is to be: How?

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