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HEVC in the Real World: The Survey

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Today, Streaming Media and Unisphere Research are launching The Real-World HEVC Insights survey, asking our readers to share the ways that they are adopting or have adopted HEVC as well as other competing codecs. 

The Real-World HEVC Insights survey covers workflows and production pipelines, moving past the question of whether HEVC (aka H.265) will be adopted and on to the more pressing question of how to best modify existing workflows to take full advantage of the benefits offered by HEVC. 

With Apple's decision to support HEVC across iOS and macOS, this critical part of the device ecosystem is ready for services to deliver HEVC streams. The purpose of this 35-question survey is to understand more about implementation timelines and adoption considerations for HEVC.

On the other hand, proponents of other next-generation codecs, such as the VPx series or even the upcoming AV1 codec, should also provide their insights. 

Having capitalized on the licensing uncertainty around HEVC—itself a bit of a byproduct of the labyrinthian AVC licensing discussions earlier in the decade—it's now high time for proponents of these open-source alternate replacements for H.264 to share their reasons for choosing to forego HEVC for another codec.

In other words, The Real-World HEVC Insights survey doesn't exclude respondents who have opted to implement an alternative codec such as AV1 or VP9 in place of HEVC. In fact, we want to understand why you made that choice.

What’s in it for you? The report detailing the survey results will be available for free download a few weeks after the survey closes, and it should provide some great insights into how and where the industry is moving (or not moving) with HEVC workflows and production pipelines. And there's a chance, if you include your email at the end of the survey, that you'll win an Apple Watch 3 LTE. Contact information provided for the drawing will not be distributed in any way; the survey will be completely anonymous. The survey will remain open until December 22, 2017. 

Click here to take The Real-World HEVC Insights survey 

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