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Survey: HEVC Encoding and HLS

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When Apple announced support for HEVC in HLS, there were two reactions. Many in the codec and encoding community predicted that this would open the floodgates of HEVC adoption. Many technology pundits agreed, while some others didn’t. The only group we didn’t hear from was the publisher community, which, of course, is the only group that matters.

To capture this data, we’ve produced a short survey entitled HEVC Encoding and HLS, which should take less than five minutes to complete. Basically, we ask whether Apple’s move has impacted your decision to deploy HEVC with your HLS streams, and if so, how quickly. We also ask your intentions regarding the Alliance for Open Media’s AV1 codec. We’ll use the data to produce a free report we’ll distribute by early 2018.

What’s in it for you? Certainly the data will help everyone understand where the industry is going codec-wise, which should help you with codec planning in early 2018 or later. To sweeten the pot a bit, we’ll be giving away a pair of Beats wireless headphones to one survey respondent, though contact information provided for the drawing will not be distributed in any way; the survey will be completely anonymous.

We know you’re busy and that surveys can be a pain. We hope you can spare a few short minutes to help us all understand where the codec market is headed in 2018. Click here to take the survey, which will remain open until December 4. 

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