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Video: How Has Mobile Engagement Changed Video Monetization?

Learn more about mobile engagement at Streaming Media West.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Tony Wang: When you look at live streaming from decades ago—one-to-many. 10-20 seconds CDN delay--the monetization was largely bound to that kind of format. What we see in the mobile space is that the engagement has become multi-host. You have multiple hosts coming from multiple cell phones, usually as ingestion device, or it could be from a professional device as well. And the audience can talk back. That's one of the largest differentiating factors we have, the audience: any audience member can become a host at any given time. So you basically have a very large session where everybody can come talk to me while sitting at this table, and we have multi-host between us. That kind of engagement, from what we seen, has totally changed monetization.

It basically has provided, from what we've seen in our custom use case, tenfold more income, coming from those engagements and not from traditional sponsorships, which are getting harder. It's more from the audience themselves, the participation from the audience; the emotional involvement from either loyalty-of-fan brand engagement, a live e-commerce sale, or a concert event; sports events in particular people get so hot about; those kind of engagement with this new multi host bidirectional, live broadcast enabled, that's what we see as the largest use case.

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