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Video: How Much More Storage Will 4K and HDR Demand?

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Bruce Ross: Object storage is not simple. There are a lot of folks who build object storage systems in their garage using SwiftStack. It works great until you get to a certain point and then it starts to fall over.

Gartner has recognized IBM Cloud Object Storage as being in the upper-right-hand quadrant of their curve, and we can scale to multiple exabytes and now we're also working on zetabytes. Now, when you think about what that is, it's unimaginable how much data that is.

Every day, there are 50 years of new videos going on YouTube. That's an amazing increase in speed.

As everyone knows, video resolution is mushrooming, the amount of data is mushrooming. As we go from say, HD to 4K, it's a 4X increase in storage. If we're going to 5K and 6K with some of the cameras today, it's the storage is really increasing.

We're looking at the archive storage, and high definition was 450 GB per hour if it was raw uncompressed. If we look at your standard 4K, it's literally 4X that: 1700 GB per hour. And then if we go to say, 4K high frame rate, it goes up from there. And then if you add high dynamic range, you add about 25% to each format. What's happening is that the amount of data storage is really skyrocketing today.

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