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Video: How Can Brands Engage Viewers on Social Media?

How do you measure engagement on social media and link it to brand awareness? What are the best indicators of viewer engagement on Facebook? How do best practices vary by revenue model? ANATOMY's Gabriella Mirabelli addresses these questions and more in this excerpt from her panel at Streaming Media East 2017.

Read the complete transcript from this clip:

Gabriella Mirabelli: One of the things that we've started measuring in terms of the social piece is engagement and how engaged people are, and that links back to their brand awareness. Beyond just the program, we've done some survey we're going to release at the end of this month around the ability of young millennials to connect programs with their mother brand, if you will.

Rich Baskhoff: Sure.

Gabriella Mirabelli: It's not that great, sad to say, and it needs to get better because, otherwise, nobody's going to know. Everything is everywhere, so if you want to draw people to view it on your location, to not be pirating, it's all about engagement, brand awareness. We've looked at what engagements correlate most highly with ratings.

Rich Baskhoff: Your clients that come to you, when you're talking with them about engagements, what, do the clients come with the preexisting idea of what's most important?

Gabriella Mirabelli: We come to them with what we think.

Rich Baskhoff: Sure.

Gabriella Mirabelli: Ultimately, we're saying, "Well, what's your revenue model? What are you trying to do?" We share what we understand to be the most important. It's actually reactions.

Rich Baskhoff: Sure.

Gabriella Mirabelli: That's the highest thing, and then it's comments plus reactions, then shares, and then comments alone. We also share with them what ... Video is the thing that really also is the most beneficial. That's what's going to get the most hits and also the importance around time of day.

Rich Baskhoff: Sure.

Gabriella Mirabelli: Actually, when you post, 3 PM Eastern Standard Time is the very best time to post anything on Facebook because you've got the global clock, and that timeframe hits a good time on the East Coast and a good time on the West Coast, and the most people are on and you're going to have just dramatically more engagement with your post, keeping in mind, of course, that Facebook can change how they do things.

Rich Baskhoff: Sure.

Gabriella Mirabelli: They can throttle it and then you got to redo everything. Right now, this is what works.

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