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NAB 17: Verimatrix Combines DRM, Watermarking, and Analytics

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The new release of content security company Verimatrix's MultiRights OTT Plus package includes watermarking and analytics. Why would customers want all three items in one package? Because they'll get a 30 percent discount over buying the components separately.

Verimatrix has been offering multiple digital rights management (DRM) support for three years, with Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Apple Fairplay, and Adobe Primetime all supported. Content owners typically use multiple DRM solutions as no one offering covers all devices and platforms. This improved version of MultiRights OTT Plus, announced ahead of the NAB Show, combines watermarking and analytics in the platform.

Video watermarking is more and more in demand by content owners, says Steve Christian, senior vice president of marketing at Verimatrix. That's driven by the rise in live events online, early release windows, and the need to protect premium content. With VideoMark and StreamMark watermarking, content owners can trace elicit content to its source and shut pirates down, he said. In a recent webinar, Twentieth Century Fox explained how it used Verimatrix watermarking to shut down pirates in South Korea.

The package's analytics offering, Verspective Analytics, includes a software development kit (SDK) that content owners can use to transmit information about each operation as video is consumed. It allows them to measure consumption of protected content either directly inside a video app or as part of a TV Everywhere offering. Premium content distribution is often part of a two tier system where a provider licenses content to an operator which then offers the content on its own services. Verimatrix sells to content owners, letting them monitor delivery and consumption on operator platforms.

Using an online dashboard, content owners can monitor where consumers are, what devices they're using, and how often they split viewing of a single asset between multiple sessions on different devices. They can also see viewing stats and viewer demographics. If the operator builds navigation feedback into their platform, Verimatrix can show how content was discovered

"We're trying to attract a newer class of content owners who distribute direct to consumers or distribute to operators who then have a B2C connection," Christian explains. "The advantage of the bundle is not only protecting the rights of the content but also measuring consumption.

"The understanding that we were getting from our marketplace was that we needed to combine a series of value propositions together in order to provide a more complete solution for this particular class of customer."

The new version of Verimatrix MultiRights OTT Plus is available now. 

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