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Kaltura Announces Simple One-Touch Lecture Capture Solution

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The education market is an important one for online video platform Kaltura, and today it announced a solution that makes classroom video recording simpler. Called Kaltura Lecture Capture, this software product runs on Windows computers and works with any video camera. The lecturer simply clicks the record button when ready to capture 1080p video. Recordings are then stored and distributed with the Kaltura Video Platform. Ease-of-use and simple setup are the selling points here. The product currently supports only on-demand video, but future versions will support live streaming.

This offering fits into Kaltura's wider education strategy, which includes products for on-demand and live video capture and ties in with multiple learning management systems. While some lecture capture offerings combine hardware and software, Kaltura's release is open and software-only, so schools are free to use the camera, capture card, and media management system of their choice.

"Kaltura has been working on lecture capture solutions for the past few years," notes Jeff Rubenstein, the company's vice president of global product strategy and business development. "We started out with initiating the Open Capture Standard with IMS, moved on to introduce an iCal-based recording scheduler, and are now introducing our own capture solution. Our product is focused on the user experience, ensuring simple, one-click to record."

Kaltura wouldn't comment on pricing, but says it's dependent on the size of the school and other factors. Kaltura notes that the Kaltura Video Platform is already used by hundreds of educational institutions around the world. Educational video isn't just for classroom lectures, it adds, but is used for marketing, student activities, athletics, and alumni relations. 

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