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Video: How to Monetize Your Roku Channel

Roku Director of Product Management Bill Shapiro delivers a detailed demo on how to monetize your content on Roku channel in Part 2 of this 2-part series. Part 1 focuses on how to build a channel.

Learn more about OTT monetization at Streaming Media East.

Read the complete transcript of this demo:

Bill Shapiro: Essentially, I've created a channel, so the branding is there, the content is there, and really the only thing, other than filling in a little bit of additional information, is choosing how to monetize my content.

We have monetization built into Direct Publisher, so I can choose to monetize my content with ads. I'll go ahead and say yes. Then I can either choose to use my own ad server, so if I had my own ad sales team and want to leverage my own ads, I can certainly do that. What most publishers choose is to use the Roku audience network, so that essentially means it lets Roku handle all of the ads for you, so we handle selling the ads, inserting the ads. It's essentially a check box. We insert ads and you get a revenue share of the revenue for your channel. It makes it incredibly easy. We have an ad sales team that's entirely focused on selling ads for TV. We have great targeting data, and we'll talk about this a little bit more later, so we're able to get great CPMs for TV ads.

I'll go ahead and choose that option. Then there's a bit more administrative information I could choose to fill in if I wanted to, but I won't bore you with that during a demo. The last option ... I can also add some screenshots to show in the channel store, so I will hit the 'auto generate' button and let it automatically generate a screenshot of my app for me to make that super easy, and then I can add additional screenshots or artwork that I want to use to showcase my channel. The network is a little bit slow here.

Finally, I could just fill in a little bit of administrative information, which I won't bore you with, and then the last step is to go ahead and preview and publish your channel. To preview it, there is a URL that will add this channel to my Roku account, so I click there. I would go ahead and add the channel, and then I would be able to bring it up on my Roku device, play around with it, navigate, watch the content, watch ads, etc., make sure it is exactly what I want it to look like on the Roku device, which unfortunately we don't have a TV here so we can't do it, but I would be able to go ahead and do that.

Once I'm happy with that and I fill in the rest of the information, this Publish button would illuminate and I can submit my channel to be reviewed by Roku and then publish.

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