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Livestream Offers Simulcast Streaming to YouTube, Periscope, More

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Livestream announced today that customers with Premium and Enterprise accounts now have the ability to simulcast their live video streams to multiple popular platforms, including YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch. Livestream already offered Facebook Live simulcasting, although Facebook restrictions prohibit streaming to both Facebook Live and a second custom destination at the same time.

Customers won't need to make any changes to their workflows to take advantage of the simulcasting. To put it in place, they'll add the RTMP URL and stream key (or stream name) from the desired platforms to the Simulcast section of their Livestream account settings. (The site offers a guide to finding this information.) Customers will then be able to create a single stream and have Livestream's cloud servers distribute it to the Livestream player, the Livestream API (introduced in 2016), and whatever additional live video platforms they've chosen. Livestream will automatically stream the highest resolution version of live videos to the RTMP server.

The new simulcast ability works with all RTMP-enabled streaming platforms.

By offering this, Livestream hopes to expand audience reach for companies now creating a live video strategy. Rather than only reaching consumers on one platform, they can cover multiple popular platforms with no additional resources.

"Livestream's Simulcast gives brands and content creators more reach than ever," says Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg. "This is a real win for marketers looking to tell their story in all the places their customers already spend time. You get total creative control by sharing a single stream from Livestream across other video platforms."

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