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Twitter Gets Live Video Creation; Does Periscope Have a Future?

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In late October, Twitter announced that Vine will soon close. Today, it announced that Twitter users will soon be able to create and share live video from a tweet, leaving some to wonder if Periscope has a future.

Twitter acquired Periscope in March 2015, back when the live video app was still in closed beta. Periscope edged out competitor Meerkat, but has been struggling against the rise of Facebook Live. In May 2016, the company announced changes designed to make it more competitive, including making videos permanent and adding a search bar.

To share live video, Twitter users will start a tweet, tap the photo icon, then tap the live video icon. They'll get a video preview and need to tap Go Live to share what they see. Live video viewers can show their approval with hearts or add comments. They can also retweet, like, or share tweets with live video.

Users will need to upgrade their iOS or Android app to get the feature. The update will roll out in the next few days.

Periscope insists that it's not going anywhere. The Verge quoted Periscope senior engineering manager Sara Haider as saying "“We are fully invested in the Periscope app." Haider added that not every Periscope fan regularly goes on Twitter.

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