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Brightcove Releases Social Network Distribution Tool for Video

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This morning, video cloud services company Brightcove is releasing a solution for distributing, managing, and measuring videos on social networks. Called Brightcove Social, the idea is to make it easy for publishers to reach viewers on multiple platforms while gathering analytics in one location.

With Brightcove Social, publishers can upload videos and metadata to the native players on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. With one central interface, they can view analytics for all three platforms, as well as their other online properties, to see where viewer response is strongest. They can also tailor videos for each site, to better appeal to that platform's audience.

Brightcove has also released a study on the effectiveness of online video for marketers, showing that 80 percent of shoppers say video is the best way to get to know a brand or product, and 75 percent say video on social platforms influenced their buying decisions.

“With Brightcove Social, media organizations can hit the fast forward button to increase viewership and time to revenue," says Anil Jain, executive vice president and general manager for media at Brightcove. "We recently spent time with dozens of customers during beta testing, and so far they’re most impressed with the consolidated publishing workflows, which is a big time saver that’s also expected to accelerate their time to revenue.”

Publishing to social platforms is a hot topic lately. Earlier this month, Adobe updated Premiere Pro with a social publishing panel that lets editors create tailored videos for multiple platforms, then upload metadata with their videos. After the inaugural Live Fronts in October, Brightcove and Brave Media Ventures released a white paper on succeeding with social video platforms.

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