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Internal Video Support Important to 90% of Enterprise Customers

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The online video platform Kaltura released its 2016 State of Enterprise Video report, and the results show video becoming crucial inside organizations while following consumer adoption patters. For their corporate networks, 90 percent of respondents say on-demand video playback is crucial or very important. That's a giant lead from 2015, when only 38 percent said the same. Those video capabilities must extend to mobile devices, as 80 percent said the ability to watch video on mobile devices is important.

Enterprise is no stranger to internal video, as 73 percent of those polled create over 5 internal webcasts each year. Further, nearly one-third create 50 or more per year.

A majority of respondents—59 percent—have already integrated video with their intranet, with another 30 percent saying they're considering such a move. Social business platforms include video for 42 percent of those polled, something considered by another 45 percent.

Kaltura found that 53 percent spend over 30 minutes each month creating video for their coworkers to watch, while 18 percent spend over 10 hours each month. They're watching more video, too, with 63 percent saying they watch more work-related videos this year than they did last year.

Kaltura conducted its online survey in September, and got responses from roughly 500 enterprise professionals. Download the full report for free (registration required).

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