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Kaltura Debuts Flexible, Cloud-Based Video Platform-as-a-Service

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Add video to any workflow and any platform. That's the promise of Kaltura's just-announced Video Platform-as-a-Service (VPaaS). Organizations large and small can use it to quickly create video applications and workflows.

VPaaS is cloud-based, and flexibility is clearly key. It offers a variety of cloud video services and SDKs, Kaltura says, while supporting a range of devices and applications. It runs on any cloud, and lets developers use APIs and automatically updated SDKs to add video to their projects. Scalability isn't an issue, the company notes, since developers don’t need to worry about the infrastructure and platform layers. Future and backwards compatibility are likewise take care of, with Kaltura assuring developers they can built without worry.

"Available as an open API, with a set of SDKs, developer tools, and dozens of code recipes, we’re making the video experience creation process as easy as it gets," says Zohar Babin, the managing director for VPaaS.

To sweeten the offering, Kaltura is offering developers the use of the Free Tier for one year. That includes $400 in credits for VPaaS services, as explained on this pricing chart.

"Until today there has not been a cloud offering that provides a self-service platform with elastic flexibility coupled with the end-to-end capabilities needed to handle video as a native asset—from ingestion through enrichment, delivery, analytics, and experience—while allowing developers to easily tackle the challenges of dealing with video at scale, and tightly integrated within their systems,” says Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's co-founder, chairman, and CEO.

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