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Mobile Video Increases, But Can Networks Keep Up, Asks Ooyala

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A few years back, the trendy question to ask was whether or not a major event—the Olympics, the Super Bowl, a new Kim Kardashian photo—would break the internet, the latest Ooyala Video Index notes. Today, the question is whether or not mobile networks can survive mobile video's growing popularity.

The report looks at the fourth quarter of 2015, finding that mobile video grew to 46 percent of all video plays, an increase of 35 percent over Q3. Phones account for much more of the mobile video total than do tablets: Tablets made up just 14 percent of mobile video plays, just slightly above Q3's 12 percent. Put another way, mobile videos were played on phones six times as often as on tablets.

Mobile video viewers continue to favor short clips: 69 percent of all phone videos were under 10 minutes long. Oolaya points out that young adults—millennials—are far more engaged in mobile video. They're twice as likely to watch a video on a mobile device than on a television. It's an important note for publishers and marketers, the company believes. "To reach your future customers, the buyers who will build your business, you need a mobile- first strategy that can be executed at scale," the report says.

As for the questions of whether or not mobile networks can keep up, Ooyala notes that operators are currently testing 5G networks, which offer 10X to 100X the capacity of 4G.

The full Oolaya Global Video Index Q4 2015 is available for free download (registration required).

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