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YouTube Launches AdBlitz Site for 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

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The NFL Super Bowl is less than three weeks away, and YouTube is celebrating the game's ads with the return of its AdBlitz site. This year's AdBlitz already carries a gallery of teaser videos—ads that promote a company's upcoming Super Bowl ad. As game day gets closer, the site will host Super Bowl ads released ahead of time. While not all viewers are in favor of big budget Super Bowl ads going out early, YouTube notes that ads released in advance get 2.2 times the number of views as those released on game day.

Once all the Super Bowl ads are available, AdBlitz will let people view them in one place. Viewers turn to YouTube to watch Super Bowl ads even while the game is taking place: YouTube says it streamed over 300,000 hours of Super Bowl ads in 2015 while the game was being played.

To add a little more color to the AdBlitz site, YouTube has enlisted online video stars Jake and Amir to host a series of videos with the theme "how to win game day." These videos will include other video stars, including Flula, MyLifeAsEva, and Hannah Hart. A teaser for these videos is now on the site.

When the Super Bowl is over viewers will be able to vote on their favorite ad.

YouTube streamed 840 million minutes of Super Bowl ads for the previous game, which was over twice as many minutes as for the 2014 Super Bowl.

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