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CES '16: Conviva Sees a New Business Channel in Engagement Data

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The video delivery optimization company Conviva dropped some press releases at the start of CES that included partnerships with big names (HBO, Adobe), but for Keith Zubchevich, chief strategy officer, the real excitement at his company is the new business channel it's going to open up this year. Conviva wants to be a big name in advertising.

Right now, advertisers can easily target their video or display ads to targeted demographics, but what if they could go beyond that? For example, what if instead of marketing to millennial men with an interest in gaming, they could market specifically to those who demonstrated active engagement with gaming, such as by watching several videos to completion or purchasing gaming products? Then, advertisers would reach a much more involved subset. Zubchevich says Conviva has the data to make that a reality, and its talking to several data management platforms (DMPs) about joining its behavioral data with their demographic data.

"We see the industry moving to a higher level of information when it comes to video engagement, moving up into higher levels of value in which we can enhance demographic data to show true demographic consumption versus ambiguous viewer consumption," Zubchevich says.

It's the difference between a census and a sample, Zubchevich says, and it will be available in real-time. Advertisers will be able to target customers at a much stronger level.

As for those other pieces of CES news, Conviva and Adobe released a white paper looking at the shift to over-the-top (OTT) video, showing challenges publishers face such as with reliable delivery and quality of service. Lastly, HBO, which has been a Conviva customer for six years, announced that it will rely on Conviva to optimize delivery for HBO Now customers. HBO has previously used Conviva to optimize its HBO Go and Max Go services. HBO Now lets cord cutters get a streaming HBO subscription without having a pay TV account.

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