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TV Everywhere Awareness Hasn't Improved in 3 Years: GfK

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In 2012, only 25 percent of consumers age 13 to 64 had heard of TV Everywhere. Today, the percentage is roughly the same, finds market and consumer research company GfK.

The news comes from a report on TVE that finds anemic numbers for the five-year-old industry initiative. Among the same population, 13 percent access TVE content through their pay TV provider's website at least monthly, and 11 percent use the provider's mobile site. Numbers are slightly higher for TV network sites that require authentication: 16 percent access content from a providers website at least monthly and 12 percent use a network's mobile site.

When GfK broke the data down by age, it found that teens and young adults (age 13 to 35) access TVE content more often: 16 percent of younger viewers view content through a pay TV provider's website at least monthly, and 22 percent use a network website at least monthly.

Authentication continues to be a huge problem for TVE, with 60 percent of those who have accessed TVE content saying that they were deterred by log in requirements, a number that has decreased by only 10 percent since 2012.

TVE use is so weak that only 52 percent of pay TV households have ever accessed authenticated content through any device. That number has increased only 10 percent since 2012. This news comes just a week after Adobe's Q3 2015 Digital Video Benchmark report noted that TVE growth is stalling.

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