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Amazon Prime Will Add Other Streaming Services, Says Bloomberg

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Amazon is about to launch a strategy that will differentiate it from Netflix and attract more young subscribers, says Bloomberg. According to unnamed insiders, Amazon Prime subscribers will soon gain the ability to sign up for additional streaming video services from within their Prime accounts. The change could come as early as December. The move would change Prime from a competing standalone service to a pay TV equivalent, where customers can add or delete channel packages at will.

Bloomberg didn't name services that might participate, but said they would share revenues with Amazon. Subscribers will see clear branding from partners. Branding has become a significant issue with content providers in the new landscape of streaming, as they want viewers to know where favorite content comes from.

Amazon Prime is in the news for other reasons this week. The company is rumored to be developing an Apple TV app, which could be available in a few weeks. Gaining an Amazon app would help the Apple TV compete against Roku. Amazon currently doesn't sell the Apple TV because it doesn't include Amazon Prime access.

Amazon has released videos showing what drone delivery could look like, noting that it might start delivery in the U.K. Customers could get small packages delivered in a half-hour with flying drones. Also in the news, Amazon Prime subscribers can now stream video on JetBlue flights for no additional cost.

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