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Ramp Debuts Solution for Multicast Enterprise Customers

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With Silverlight support coming to an end from Microsoft, enterprises that rely on it for multicast video to reach large, geographically diverse corporate networks are looking for an easy solution. Content optimization platform Ramp says it has the answer with Ramp Multicast Engine (RME), a new product announced today. RME is a true multicast cross-platform solution, Ramp claims, one that lets enterprises avoid proprietary and expensive options.

RME delivers standards-based multicast and works with any live video workflow that uses HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). It lets enterprises update and use their existing multicast live video systems without turning to costly and proprietary enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs), media servers, or custom video players—a potential savings of millions of dollars, Ramp says.

"Our patent-pending technology enables the use of established standards (HLS); secure transit (encrypted HLS segments); and access via common browsers, video players, and operating systems (Chrome, IE, Safari, Windows, iOS, and Android) without the need for proprietary hardware or software installations," says Ramp CEO Tom Wilde.

Besides solving the Silverlight problem, RME also brings multicast to Chrome, useful as Chrome recently ended plug-in support and lacks native multicast support. RME can be use on-premises or within Ramp's live SaaS-based streaming solution.

Anyone at this week's Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, Illinois, can see RME firsthand in booth 506.

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